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This blog is written by Andrew Storey and charts the development and delivery of the Carers Matters project From time to time it will divert for the project and discuss my own experiences of caring as and when I feel it is appropriate!  The views expressed are mine and not those of Developing Communities.

I am responsible for creating this project with the help of a Better Net Award. Being a carer myself, obviously I have a vested interest in the subject area, combined with an understanding of what the role can entail.

Just so you know, I am a professionally qualified youth and community worker who has worked in the third sector for a long time. I have a vast range of experience from a number of different perspectives and contexts, all of which inform my eclectic practice.

In 2005, I completed the Executive Diploma in Management and became a member of the Chartered Management Institute. In 2008, I completed an MBA (Master of Business Administration) focusing on the third sector, to prepare me for the challenges of relaunching myself in the world of social enterprise and sustainable community development.

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