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Post Carers Week 2012

June 24, 2012


Now that Carers Week 2012 is finished for another year, I wonder what we’ve all learned! For me, the knowledge that the key issues of health concerns and financial implications are very much at the fore when discussing the realities of carers’ lives.

And so, having raised the awareness levels, what happens next? These things are not going to sort themselves out so I wonder what the strategy to improve the carers’ lot will look like? Given the number of carers is growing every day, the needs are only going to increase!

I doubt whether anyone would argue against adopting a proactive approach, but who will develop the strategy and what will it involve. Well, the answer, of course, is everyone! Sure there will be key organisations and agencies, but we all have a part to play

When looking at health, the importance of offering carers support is vital but this support needs to be flexible enough to fit in with the carers responsibilities, so this impacts on the when and where of any provision. In addition, it’s very important that carers access this before they’re already run down, or any potential benefits can be negated

When looking at finances, I am a firm believer in maximising your disposable income by exploring every which way that you can save on your outgoings. This, in itself, regardless of how much income you’ve got, can make a big difference. The internet has an important role to play in this, but the key thing, as ever, is about knowing where to look

In the next few posts I will explore some of the questions to ask to assist you in making the best of your caring situation.

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