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Digital Inclusion for Carers

October 16, 2011

The project is moving into a phase of its development where we are very much concerned with the following areas:-

  • playing a part in helping carers get online and making the most of the opportunities the internet can offer, in terms of shopping and accessing services and support, learning and socialising
  • evaluating and developing our website to ensure it provides access to the right information in the right ways

Being a keen user of twitter, this is an aspect of social media that is gaining much greater prominence and has provided a great deal of information about the kinds of activities that are happening nationally.

This link highlights a number of carer organisations who are involved with the Raceonline 2012 campaign  as the push to assist people getting online grows

We have had a lot of contact with people and participated in many discussions via twitter and other mediums concerning how best to promote and facilitate inclusion using the digital medium. However, a key issue relates to the need to have services available offline, too, to facilitate inclusion for all.

This highlights the importance of organisations working together to ensure services can reach all those they are intended for, or there is a danger of people being left behind as technology and services evolve. We are firmly committed to supporting carers and/or other organisations in any way we can in this respect.

It also illustrates the need and advantanges of working collaboratively and holistically, as someone getting a laptop or other similar device is only part of the equation of someone getting online. There is the internet connection and the skills, knowledge, confidence and appropriate software to enable it to happen.

Watch this space for more details as things develop and the projects we are involved with grow and develop.

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