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Great News for Cumbrian Carers

July 25, 2011

Good News Comes 2 Those Who Wait!

Great to be able to talk about some good news for a change! Carers across Cumbria are to benefit from an annual £500,000 fund which will be spent on giving them vital support. It is widely recognised that caring, whilst rewarding, can take its toll on those who fulfil the caring role, and this fund will help carers maintain their own health. Further information is available from the News and Star.

Another important aspect to mention while discussing this area is the need for carers to be proactive in terms of preserving their health. There is a danger of carrying on caring and maintaining the status quo until there is some kind of emergency or crisis.

Being able to take a break from caring to look after your own needs is a vital element in the mix! Your local carer centre can provide you with lots of information and support and you can find out where you nearest centre is here.

The internet can also provide you with lots of information and things to do and we have tried to compile of list of activities that you might wish to undertake on our main website at We’ve designed the site to make it easy to navigate so why not give it a go and see what you can find!

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