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Managing the Future

July 19, 2011

Proactive versus Reactive

Throughout my career, in all the different roles and contexts, the constant issue has revolved around meeting needs based on the available evidence. Certainly we are operating in a much tougher economic climate, but the demographics of our society speak for themselves!

What is particularly salient in this current health and social care debate, is that the needs are so very conspicuous for all to see! And they are not going to go away or ‘disappear’. In fact, the evidence indicates they are going to grow as people live longer!

So what is going to be done? The longer the issues are unresolved, the greater the potential fear and worry for people needing services is likely to become, which, in itself, may create addititonal needs for services and/or support. The power of uncertainty cannot be underestimated!

I know that as a society we are confronted by many difficult and complex issues that we need to address, but surely we all need to accept that the needs of vulnerable people have to be right at the top of the list. There seems to be consensus that the current system needs to change so let’s start making it happen!

As a carer and someone who has worked in and around this area for a long time, this is a golden opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to each other as individuals, members of communities and of society as a whole. It is time to become proactive and not merely reactive! These issues are not going to go away!

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